Sahou ta Kindrei
Genesis, Ruth, Jonah, and the New Testament in the Nyndrou language of Papua New Guinea
Nupela Testamen long tokples Nyindrou long Niugini
Sahou ta Kindrei
Genesis, Ruth, Jonah, and The New Testament in the Nyndrou language of Papua New Guinea
Translation by Wycliffe Bible Translators
© 1987, 2001, Wycliffe Bible Translators, Inc.
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Tok Orait
Dispela Buk Baibel i kam wantaim tok orait na lo bilong Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works license. Em i tok olsem yu ken givim kopi long narepela manmeri. Yu ken wokim kopi na givim long husat i laikim. Tasol, yu mas tok klia dispela samting i kam long Yu no ken kisim mani na salim dispela. Yu mas givim nating. Na tu, yu no ken senisim Tok.
Ol piksa i kam wantim ol Baibel na narapela buk i stap long dispela sait i gat tok orait long usim wantaim dispela samting tasol. Sapos yu laik narapela tok orait, yu mas askim husat i papa bilong copyright long dispela ol piksa.
Sapos yu laik stretim samting i no orait long dispela tok orait, stretim tok, salim Buk Baibel, o tainim Tok bilong God long nupela tok ples, yu ken askim mipela.
Olgeta tok orait na lo long tok ples English i stap long
Sapos yu gat askim long dispela, plis askim mipela.
Asilah iri buk in doh
Ondrek kane lakou i boho Nyindrou
1 ari 10 ronoh 100 rinek
2 la-uh 20 lunoh 200 lunek
3 taloh 30 tonoh 300 tonek
4 hahuw 40 hanoh 400 hanek
5 limeh 50 lomonoh 500 lemenek
6 onoh 60 ndro hanoh 600 ndro hanek
7 ndro taloh 70 ndro tonoh 700 ndro tonek
8 ndru la-uh 80 ndru lunoh 800 ndru lunek
9 ndro ari 90 ndro ronoh 900 ndro rinek
1000 rawa 10,000 ralou
2000 luwa 20,000 lulou
3000 tuluwi 30,000 tulou
4000 hawa 40,000 halou
5000 lamawa 50,000 lamalou
6000 ndro hawa 60,000 ndro halou
7000 ndru tuluwi 70,000 ndru tulou
8000 ndru luwa 80,000 ndru lulou
9000 ndro rawa 90,000 ndro ralou
100,000+ nyaran bwe
Ondrek kane luk le i boho Nyindrou
t=toea K=Kina
1t rasi
2t lusi
5t bilisiu
10t ari K1 ronoh K10 rinek
20t la-uh K2 lunoh K20 lunek
30t taloh K3 tonoh K30 tonek
40t hahuw K4 hanoh K40 hanek
50t limeh K5 lomonoh K50 lemenek
60t onoh K6 ndro hanoh K60 ndro hanek
70t ndro taloh K7 ndro tonoh K70 ndro tonek
80t ndru la-uh K8 ndru lunoh K80 ndru lunek
90t ndro ari K9 ndro ronoh K90 ndro rinek
K100rawa K1,000 ralou
K200 luwa K2,000 lulou
K300 tuluwi K3,000 tulou
K400 hawa K4,000 halou
K500 lamawa K5,000 lamalou
K600 ndro hawa K6,000 ndro halou
K700 ndru tuluwi K7,000 ndru tulou
K800 ndru luwa K8,000 ndru lulou
K900 ndro rawa K9,000 ndro ralou
K10,000+ nyaran bwe