Wusyep Bwore tikin Got
Urat - Yehre dialect
Published by
The Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission
in cooperation with PNG Bible Translation Association
The New Testament in the Urat language, East Sepik, Papua New Guinea
© 2016 Wycliffe Bible Translators, Inc.
ISBN 9980 0 4005 X
Published 2016 400
Wusyep nal yer
Wusyep Bwore tikin Got poi mimbilme mal wonge lenge wusyep Yehre.
Miyeꞌ tuweinge Urat ŋaiye yenge wonge Yehre pe, wutuꞌ tinge tatame 3,000. Tinge yarp ya yoto Dreikikir distrik nato East Sepik provins ŋaiye nato Papua New Guinea.
Poi manange wusyep hriphrip ŋembere sekete mal me Yai Got, topoꞌe lenge miyeꞌ tuweinge wula wula ŋaiye yungwisme poi mainge tup eꞌe. Poi misilihme Got me bongol tikin Yohe Yirise ŋaiye ka el yerme lenge miyeꞌ tuweinge Yehre ŋaiye tup uku ka ungwisme tinge no, ka ende bongol me bilip tinge no, ka jin bongole yi yoto Krais.
Poi masande ŋaiye tup uku ka ahraꞌe naŋ tikin Krais topoꞌe Got pe, ka ungwisme lenge miyeꞌ tuweinge Yehre ka yimbilme ŋoihmbwaip yut me Krais.
English Preface
This book is a translation of the New Testament into the Yehre dialect of the Urat language located in the Dreikikir district, East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea. There are approximately 3,000 speakers of this dialect.
We are grateful to Father God and the many, many people who helped produce the Yehre New Testament. Our prayer is that God, by the power of the Holy Spirit, will use this book to turn the hearts of the Yehre people to Christ. We desire that it will bring glory to God and help the Yehre people stand strong in him.